Diane Linston is a well-known fashion designer and entrepreneur in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the only African American female who owns a clothing manufacturing company in the city. Over the years, Diane has dedicated her time and expertise to various organizations and causes, including mental illness, breast cancer, lupus, and domestic violence awareness.

In Fall 2022, Diane's company launched a new line of blouses designed specifically for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. These blouses are available in hospital gift shops worldwide, and they are both comfortable and stylish. In recognition of her contributions to the community, Diane was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree in Humanities from Global Alliance International in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2022, along with a lifetime achievement award from President Joe Biden.

Diane has a Bachelor's degree in Business, an undergraduate degree in Marketing, and an AA in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. She once served on the board at Virginia Mart College and was a member of the Fashion Group International. Fashion is her passion, and her clothing line is called N.G.U. Designs by Diane Linston, which stands for "Never Give Up." She is known for her unique denim designs that feature rhinestones, embellishments, and lots of bling. Her first boutique opened in Maple Heights, Ohio, in 1999, and she later opened Styles of Imagination Boutique in Beachwood, Ohio.

In 2019, the Mayor of Beachwood, Ohio, declared February 23rd as "Styles of Imagination Boutique Day" in honor of Diane Linston's contributions to the city. In November 2021, she opened a second boutique in Tower City, Downtown Cleveland, Ohio. When the pandemic hit, Diane's company was called upon to open a kiosk inside Cleveland Hopkins airport, where they sold more than 10,000 masks monthly.

Diane has faced many health challenges, including being diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is known as the "suicide disease." She underwent brain surgery in 2011 to correct the damaged nerves and was back to designing women's clothing within four months.

In addition to her fashion design career, Diane also contributed to the book "Purpose Matters Anthology Project," which was released in 2018. The book features fifteen contributing authors who discuss their life purposes and how they pursued their dreams.

Diane has received many awards and recognitions throughout her career, including participating in New York Fashion Week and the 2018 Harlem Fashion Week with the Daughters of Malcolm X collection. Her signature line, NGU Collections, has garnered national attention and has been worn by local and national celebrities. Diane has also showcased her fashions at the Cincinnati Jazz Festival and was a featured fashion designer at the 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans. She has been featured in numerous magazines nationally and internationally and has been interviewed on various news channels, including FOX 8, Channel 19, and Channel 3 WKYC.